Dog Walking
Dogs are companion animals and benefit from both exercise and socialisation. The company of both people and dogs can
really help alleviate boredom and help keep a dog happy and content.
We use physical exercise and also enrichment techniques to give mental stimulation as well as physical.
All dogs walked by Billy's are exercised in our secure, enclosed paddock area
which is 2,000 square meters in size. We have paddling pools, toys, small agility
items such as small jumps and all dogs receive one to one attention from me.
Dogs can be socialised together but there is also the opportunity to exercise your
dog alone if they are not able to be socialised.
The time taken for pick up and drop off are in addition to the exercise time and is
at no extra cost to you. My van has customer built dog crates in it and is for the
sole purpose of transporting dogs.
We take photo's of the dogs in our care most days and are happy to send regular pupdates by text and we also post updates
on our Facebook and Instagram pages so you can have piece of mind that your dog is having a great time with us.
Billy's Dogs
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